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Javelinas and Hollyhocks has been a favorite destination of travelers and locals for over 30 years to find unique items for kids and adults.  We shop all over the world but focus on Texas designed and made products.  For our local shoppers we look for gift items for every occasion, housewares and baby items.  We also offer a variety Fort Davis and Texas souvenirs, post cards, t-shirts and hats that are the perfect way to remember your trip to Fort Davis if you are just passing through.  Missed getting something while you were in town?  No worries. You can order online right here and have it shipped to you.

I adored this shop. Fun exciting place.. You must stop by and see the books clothing toys everything there

Bonnie K.

About Us

Joan Doe,

store owner

Here you let your customers get to know you. Tell them a little bit about yourself and why you created this business. Do you have a passion, hobby or life experience that inspired you to get started? Do you have special skills or training that make you an expert in your field? Show your customers that there are real people with interesting stories working behind the scenes. Helping customers feel connected to you and your purpose will inspire more trust in your brand.


Just 2 doors down from the historic Fort Davis Drug Store restaurant and soda fountain, we are located in the heart of Fort Davis and ship anywhere in the USA.


107 N. State Street Fort Davis, TX 79734

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10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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10 a.m. to 8 p.m.